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Surviving 2021

Surviving 2021

OK, so this is going to be a tough one. Surviving 2021 has been tough on me. And it’s so difficult to admit that. For years I’ve tried my hand at blogging but I couldn’t seem to get a hang of it. I’ve tried my best to write about my thoughts but there seems to be a huge block. I couldn’t figure it out at first, but recently I’ve got to thinking about why I wanted to blog in the […]

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5 Lessons Learned about Love, Life, and Business this 2021

lessons learned in 2021

This year was a lot of lessons learned for me. It was one of the most interesting. And to be honest, there were more downs than ups. My 2020 was pretty awesome. Although we were at the height of uncertainty and the pandemic, it turned out well. 2021 was another story, though. And today I will be sharing the lessons learned, the pains withstood, and the highlights that made me a better person. Lessons learned about business Not gonna lie. […]

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Jesus Feeding 5000 Through Local Community Pantries

Jesus feeds 5000 pantries

The story of Jesus feeding 5000 people was one of the bible stories I grew up with. I was amazed at how Jesus divided five pieces of bread and two fish and made it enough to feed a huge crowd. Plus a few more to spare. Honestly I never really thought about it. As a Catholic, I never really questioned how it was done. My faith taught me that with God, nothing was impossible. My life has been full of […]

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What Covid-19 Taught Me About Love, Life, and Business

Covid-19 Lessons

Covid-19 turned the world upside down. So much has changed, especially with the way we live. Ever since March, we’ve all been forced to stay at home so we don’t catch this new coronavirus strain. But being stuck at home isn’t as easy as it sounds. You would think it would be easier on us since we’ve been working from home for the longest time. Truth is, we don’t mind the staying at home bit. We’re used to that. The […]

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Five Lizzo Songs That Should Be in Every WAHM’s Playlist

Lizzo Songs

I’ve been listening to Lizzo songs recently, and honestly, it’s an awesome reminder of how great it is to be a woman. If you don’t know who Lizzo is, then it’s about time you do. Today, I’ll be sharing the top five tracks that pick up my otherwise boring day. So let’s get it pumping… Truth Hurts I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitchEven when I’m crying crazyYeah, I got boy problems, that’s the human […]

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An Ode to HER

She woke up this morning with her head thumping like drums. It’s another day. Four hours of sleep has been the norm since she gave birth. In between feedings, diaper changes, and phantom cries, four hours is already a blessing. She got up, trodding on her way to the bathroom sink. It’s been so long since she looked at herself in the mirror. And now she stood there looking at her matted hair and the dried milk stains on her […]

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How Starting Over Can Be Good For You Too

starting over mom

Starting over is never easy. I know, because I have failed numerous times. Starting over can be as scary, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to grow. So today, I’d like to share with you why I’m choosing to start over and move on from my failures over the years. Hi, my name is Herlene. I’m a work-at-home mom and freelance writer. Three years ago, I started my online career as a CSR for a Kickstarter shoe company and […]

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Anthony Bourdain: Daring Into Parts Unknown with No Reservations

Anthony Bourdain has been an inspiration for me in so many ways. Because of him, I dared myself to go beyond my comfort zone and try new adventures without any reservations. I first met him as a bored wife in 2010. Having lost a baby, I had nothing left to do but pursue my passion as a home cook. Youtube was my favorite hangout, where I binge-watched A Cook’s Tour in the middle of the night. His sarcasm and I-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck […]

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Why Every Work At Home Mom Needs An Awesome Girl Tribe

girl tribe 1

Behind every successful woman is a girl tribe that has her back. I started freelancing three years ago with the help of a good friend who has worked from home a few years earlier. Because of her, I got a good start at freelancing and propelled my writing career to greater heights. Over time, I met and became friends with women who, like me, had started their own successful careers working online. Most of us have the same motivation: to […]

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How to Motivate Yourself When Things Get Hard


Learning how to motivate yourself when things get hard is a must. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a mother, an office worker, or a student, self-motivation is something you must do repeatedly. Life can get difficult when you least expect it. One minute you’re up in the clouds, then down in the gutters in the next. Because life’s just like that. Most of us would lose motivation when things get hard. We would find it difficult to keep our heads up […]

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