Herlene Somook

About the Blogger

My name is Herlene Somook, freelance writer, blogger, project manager, and a mother to a child with special needs.

I have been freelancing for three years and have shifted from four careers in the last ten years.

A Kumon instructor for four years, I assisted children and adults alike in a local Kumon center in my hometown. I then jumped ship to the Business Process Outsourcing industry as a sales representative, a technical representative, and lastly, a lead generation specialist for a Fortune 500 company.

With all of the careers that I have experienced, nothing compares to my role as a mother and wife.

So come along and share my journey as a freelance writer today! Let’s talk about the different challenges and successes of freelancing, our love for food and travel, and all the adventures we’ll have in between.

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Adventure is out there, so let’s begin!


Herlene Somook,

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