Five Lizzo Songs That Should Be in Every WAHM’s Playlist

Lizzo Songs

I’ve been listening to Lizzo songs recently, and honestly, it’s an awesome reminder of how great it is to be a woman.

If you don’t know who Lizzo is, then it’s about time you do.

Today, I’ll be sharing the top five tracks that pick up my otherwise boring day.

So let’s get it pumping…

Truth Hurts

I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch
Even when I’m crying crazy
Yeah, I got boy problems, that’s the human in me
Bling bling, then I solve ’em, that’s the goddess in me

I haven’t had any man problems in a long time, but everything else in this Lizzo song is pretty much me.

And yes, the truth hurts. It’s a hard pill to swallow. As for me, I’d rather hear the harsh truth anytime.

Those who know me know how straightforward I am. I’m not one to scare away from sharing what I think.

Honesty is such a rare gift, especially in the social media age.

It’s like every one is willing to share a filtered version of their lives. And everyone is expected to be skinny, beautiful, and rich.

This is why the song is so refreshing because while truth hurts, it’s still better than a thousand lies.


If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine (yeah, I’m goals)
I was born like this, don’t even gotta try (now you know)
I’m like chardonnay, get better over time (so you know)
Heard you say I’m not the baddest, bitch, you lied

I’m at that sweet point in my life where I can say I am genuinely happy for other people’s success. And a huge part of that was because of the communities and masterminds I belong to.

In the past year, a lot of things have happened in my life. I’ve lost clients, friends, time, and money. (Read more about it here)

And yet I got to where I’m supposed to be.

I’m so happy that I’m also given a chance to uplift others in my own little way.

I get to talk to people and share the lessons that failure taught me. I’m also blessed to meet people who uplift my spirits when I feel like I’m about to give up. (Unicorn sisters, TFMT, that’s you!)

And yes, if I’m shining, I’ll make sure everyone else gets their chance to shine.


‘Cause I’m my own soulmate (Yeah, yeah)
I know how to love me (Love me)
I know that I’m always gonna hold me down
Yeah, I’m my own soulmate (Yeah, yeah)
No, I’m never lonely (Lonely)
I know I’m a queen but I don’t need no crown

This song takes the term “love yourself” to another level.

As moms, we’re expected to put others’ needs before ours. Society paints a detailed picture of how we should act.

Like you’re a bad mom if you choose to take a nap instead of folding the clothes. Or if you choose to leave for a cup of coffee and have some alone time instead of staying at home screaming your head off.

Feelings of guilt have always plagued us whenever we do something for ourselves. And this has got to stop.

Most women are conditioned to think that they’re selfish if they do something for themselves. When in reality, that’s exactly what we should be doing: nurturing ourselves so we could nurture others.

As my coach Martine says, loving yourself is more than skin deep. Loving yourself means being aware of your faults, accepting them, and continuously working on improving them.

Now that’s true love.

Good as Hell

Woo girl, need to kick off your shoes
Got to take a deep breath, time to focus on you
All the big fights, long nights that you been through
I got a bottle of Tequila I been saving for you
Boss up and change your life
You can have it all, no sacrifice
I know he did you wrong, we can make it right
So go and let it all hang out tonight

This Lizzo song is all about gratitude. It’s also talking about the importance of women supporting women.

Life isn’t easy. We all know that by now. And sometimes even the strongest of us need a shoulder to cry on.

We need friends who are sensitive enough to ask us, ‘Baby, how you feelin’?”

These people come with a glass and a bottle of your favorite wine and a pizza. They listen without judgment and talk with good intentions.

It also teaches us how gratitude can turn even the most difficult situation into something more bearable.

It talks about the power of choice and the control we have over the outcome of our actions.

Because, really, at the end of the day, you will choose to either boss up and change our lives or drown in our own mediocrity.

My Skin

I wear my flaws on my sleeve and my skin like a peacoat
I see someone like me ashamed to be
And honestly, I’m really really
I’m fed up wit’ it, try to send it up like a FedEx
I’m wondering what they sayin’ next
Can’t pretend to not hear it
It’s your beauty, they can’t have it
It’s yours, they can’t have it

I love Lizzo because of her realness and sensitivity. And this song is one of those that pierce your core.

People tell me they admire me for my confidence. And then they say despite me being fat.

It took a while for me to embrace my body, with all its scars, stretch mark, cellulite, and imperfections.

I used to get hurt with people asking me how I got fat. Like it’s a crime, to grow a belly and arms and legs that jiggle.

Do you know what helped? Seeing my child alive and well.

My body made two human beings. It nurtured one and fed a few more.

My breasts aren’t as perky as they used to be but it nourished my child.

My arms are strong because of all the lifting I had to do, with the housework over the years, with all the cooking and baking and everything in between.

Yes, I would love to be fit and healthy. But still, I embrace my flaws and I’m not ashamed of what I’ve become.

Bonus Track – Fitness

Think about how I’m gonna feel when I step up on the catwalk
Think about how I’m gonna feel when I got that ass that don’t stop
That ass that don’t stop, that ass don’t stop
And think about how I’m gonna feel when I take it all off
But I don’t do this for you

OK. I said it was gonna be just five. Sorry, I just can’t help myself. This song is just THAT good!

Why do I love this song? Because it’s just so damn sexy and sexual.

Most of the time, big girls have this challenge when it comes to their bodies and their sexuality. The media has drilled this image of what is beautiful in our heads that we fail to recognize our own beauty.

But really, I’ve never felt sexier in my life. I’m in love with myself, with all the extra hanging pieces.

True, I want to be healthier. And I want to live longer for my kid.

That’s why this song is so powerful. It sends out the message of how important it is to find ways to work on your fitness.

Plus, you’re doing it for yourself, not for others.

I still have some things to say about the toxic statement “tumataba ka a”. But I’d rather not. Let’s keep it at that *one-eyed wink*

So yeah, that’s my top 5 Lizzo songs. These for me are the most empowering, most dance-inducing, and the most must-adds to your daily playlist.

Did I miss any awesome Lizzo songs? What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below =)

And don’t forget to share this with your fellow WAHMs =)


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